Body Transformation Blueprint Review

Body Transformation Blueprint

Please pay attention to this Body Transformation Blueprint Review if you want to build muscle and burn fat. Let me first congratulate you for getting on this page. Even though you don’t know it yet, what you are about to read will change your life for good and forever.

But before I start, let me first ask you these questions…Body Transformation Blueprint

  • Do you want to build muscle and get ripped like those guys you always see in the gym?
  • Have you been trying many exercises and techniques without getting the result you want ?
  • Do you want to lose fat in some hard places in your body?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then I want you to read this review carefully as I will walk you through a program that will help you build muscle and burn fat with it. I will tell you the secret to fat loss and muscle building.  The secret is Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean nalewanyj. I know this might sound unreal, but I assure you it is very real. I am writing a review on the program so that you can know if it is what you need or not.

Who am I and why you should listen to me…

My name is Frank. I was very skinny before and hated my figure when I look at the mirror. Not like I don’t train. I’m always the first to arrive at the gym and the last to leave. I followed healthy diets and did almost everything I could do to build muscle. But nothing happened.  And so many guys in the gym are ripped and muscular. I always envy them. But why am I not getting the result like them? Is it that they are training more than me? I was so confused and sad. I spent nights on the internet searching for the right program for me. I read a lot if books on fitness and diet, but didn’t get any result . Until I stumbled on a proven program that worked so well for me.  The program that gave me the amazing muscular and ripped I have always wished for.

But let’s face the honest truth…

Some people have lucky gene, that’s why they have good body physique. Some of them don’t even go through extreme training like you do before they get good shape. While some are not. If you are among those that are not lucky with genes like me, then you should continue reading this review as Body Transformation Blueprint can help you

So let me start the review proper…

Let me start with what Body Transformation Blueprint is all about

Body Transformation Blueprint is a training program by Sean Nalewanyj. Sean is coach, writer and an entrepreneur. He created this program to help you get the long-lasting body shape you have always dreamed of without any false guarantee.  You get to know so many muscle facts from this program and the things that make muscles grow. With Body Transformation Blueprint, you get to know  the different approaches you need to follow for your weight reduction and general body improvement. You will understand the amount of nutrients you need to take with this Sean’s method.

Here’s what you get in Body Transformation Blueprint

  • Muscle building and fat loss decoded e-book: This is a 260-page guide to fat loss, muscle building and gaining strength. This book is divided into five, which are:
    • Weight training
    • Cardio
    • Nutrition
    • Supplementation
    • Progress tracking
  • The no-fail workout system: This includes exercises, reps and sets for your workouts and list of exercise substitutions you can adapt to your own needs.  Then it contains cardio programs in which you can choose the ones you like based on your goals.
  • The no-fail meal plan: You need the right nutrition to achieve your goals. You will know the right food to eat, when and how to eat these foods.
  • The no-fail supplement guide: There are so many supplements out there that are just waste of money. You get to know the right supplement to achieve your goals here.
  • Access to the BTB Video Exercise database: This database will show you how to carry out the exercises for your safety. It is important to carry out your exercises with proper technique to avoid injury.
  • The Body Transformation Cookbook: Contains recipe of 50 meals that are very easy to prepare.
  • Printable BTB Progress Trackers: You need to track your progress if you want to get good and perfect results.  These 6 progress tracking booklets will allow you keep track of your workouts, nutrition, supplements etc.
  • One-on-one Personal Email C coaching: You get to ask Sean any question for 3 months. With this you can have him as your own personal trainer. This kind of offer is very rare, so I will encourage you to make the most of it while you can.

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Product details on Body Transformation Blueprint

Reviewed product: Body Transformation BlueprintBody Transformation Blueprint

Author: Sean Nalewanyj

Experience level: beginner to intermediate.

Category: health and fitness

Official site: Click Here

Rating: 9 out of 10

Language: English

Description: program for fat loss and muscle building

About the author

Sean Nalewanyj is the author of Body Transformation Blueprint. He is a bodybuilder, online coach and trainer.  He has helped so many people build muscles, burn fat and improve their lives over the years. He understands what the skinny and weak people go through, that is why he is giving the truth and facts for building muscle. Sean is a very straight forward and honest person that tells nothing but the truth. He is well respected in the fitness industry.

The pros of Body Transformation Blueprint:

  • It is a very straight forward program. It gives the basic and exact facts you need for muscle building without beating around the bush.
  • It is a science based program. All the methods and techniques given in this program are backed up with science.
  • It comes with 60 days money back guarantee.
  • It is a combined program that helps in both muscle building and fat loss.
  • Although, it looks like this program is designed for men, women can also use it too. The program is for anyone that want to burn fat and gain muscle.
  • You can use it whether you are young or old. It comes with no age restriction.
  • It helps in promoting hard work.

The cons of Body Transformation Blueprint:

  • It requires time, hard work and commitment. If you are the lazy type that is not ready to put in your effort in this great program, then you should not bother to go for it because it won’t work.
  • I don’t like this program because of its lack of mobility.
  • You cannot use it if you don’t have access to the internet. It is only available online.

Can I recommend Sean’s Body Transformation Blueprint for you or it is just a scam?

So many people from different part of the country have used this program and found it to be very effective, as it helped with their fat loss and muscle building.  I will recommend Body Transformation Blueprint for you because it has so many advantages and comes with no financial risk with the 60 days money back guarantee.  You have the chance to try the program for 60 days to see if it works for you or not.

My Final Verdict on Body Transformation Blueprint

Do you want to get the real facts you need to gain muscle and lose fat? Are you tired of spending many hours in the gym without getting any good result? If so, you need Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nalewanyj. It is the best training program I have ever seen. And if you follow all the instructions carefully,  you will get wonderful result from it.

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