The DUP Method Review – Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell

The DUP Method by Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell

Introduction to the DUP Method by Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell

Welcome to The DUP Method Review, the general belief that we all have is that people who hit the gym always and doing regular workouts are going to have a built body in a matter of time. Well to a large extent this assumption could be true, but the reality is the results from this kind of practice is not certain and cannot be relied upon. It is either the results come or do not come at all or in cases it takes a ridiculously long period of time before the desired results begin to show. However it would be very depressing if at the end of a huge amount of workout and stress, the desired results are not forthcoming. This is why the DUP Method was created, to help people make the most out of their body building processes using the margin of work input they normally put into working out before. This method can guarantee the addition of 20lbs to your bench press, 15lbs to your Deadlifts and 20lbs to your Squat in a short period of 3 months.

The DUP method is what most athletes and strong lifters refer to as the “Gold medal of strength performance”. It is a secret that most power lifters use to enhance their gym time and ensure maximum results in their body building process.

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This is a black market program that a lot of heavy lifters in the gym use to enhance their work out schedules and boost the rate at which they build their body week in week out. You too can partake of the DUP method and change the way your body looks within a short period of time. I have been researching on this product for quite a while now andThe DUP Method by Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell I can say without any doubt the procedures explained in the program work flawlessly without any fault. Some people who agreed to an interview with me, attested to the fact that their work time has reduced but the body building results that they have been getting since they started using the DUP method are phenomenal.

The DUP Method would help you understand what fitness training is all about and what it is not, examples or some procedures that do not yield good result in fitness trainings are a s follows;

  1. Hitting every muscle group per week
  2. Go to failure on every set
  3. Maintain some kind of exercise routine to hit your muscles from different angles
  4. Making sure that you rest at least 5 days to promote muscle recovery

These methods would only waste your time and energy without giving you your desired results. DUP methods will teach how to go about you workout schedules and nutrition in order for you to have desired results.

Your fitness training, body building, and weight loss can receive a great boost if you apply the DUP Method today.

Quick Facts about the DUP Method

PRODUCT: The DUP Method-Jmax Fitness

AUTHOR: Mike Samuels with Jason Maxwell

CATEGORY: Body Fitness, Diet and Body Building


RATING: 5 star rating

RANKING: Best seller

GUARANTEE: 60 day money back guarantee

Brief Description: This DUP Method program is the answer to all your work-out troubles it ensures that you do not waste time on routines that would not help you get the kind of body that you want and desire. It is an all encompassing product that not only help you plan your work out but also help you design a diet plan that would help you enhance your body in the quest to build an awesome body. DUP stands for Daily Undulating Periodization, it is a technique designed to help get strong and fit the right way with no questions asked. Take a leap and purchase the DUP method today and stand out from the crowd.


Click Here to Download The Dup Method eBook Now

Download The Dup Method eBook Now

What is the DUP Method All about?

This DUP Method is unique and one of a kind. It is the secret that most strong lifters and athletes use. DUP method is designed and created by two fitness experts; Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell. Their work in the fitness world cannot be ignored as they are both two huge successes in the fitness world. This is what makes the DUP method unique and definitely efficient because it is the combine effort of two fitness giants.

Mike Samuels is a renowned diet coach and a fitness trainer he is well known for training people to loss fat, gain strength and improve performance. He has a good track record in this field; He is a power lifter and has competed in several competitions, the most recent competition that he partook in and won is the South East England bench press competition (U23). He trains people in power lifting, body building, physique competitions, photo shoots and sports performances. Mike also has published works on T-Nation, and many other popular platforms.The DUP Method by Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell

Jason Maxwell is a scientist who found the fitness interesting and has taken up a career in it. His Knowledge of science has made it possible for him to help people get lean and develop muscles. His masters in nutrition and certification in National strength and conditioning Association and functional movement systems has helped him greatly in the fitness world.

I am sure you must be wondering what DUP means, well at first when I first heard of it I was also wondering what it meant until I started researching into the program and I found that it means “Daily Undulating Periodization”, it is a sure way to ensure that you get strong fast and quickly. This program is not only meant for body building alone but also to help in fat loss, getting faster and building endurance. Participating in this program would help you understand the following;

  • You would discover that your busy schedule is not a hindrance to your development of strength.
  • The secrets food plan of athletes and fitness competitors.
  • A brand new way of getting stronger that has been used by several people and has never failed them.
  • Seven things about the DUP method that you must know and the one thing that would make you distinct from other people who are hitting the gym daily.
  • Pre-activities you must engage in before you touch a weight.
  • How to improve your bench procedures, deadlifts and squats
  • How to use the 8 greatest nutrition guidelines.

The DUP method is available in digital formats which includes MP4s, PDFs, and E-books, all these contain all the information you will need to kick start your training process.

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Bonuses that comes with the DUP Method program

  • A free access to a bench press video guide.
  • A Squatting video guide
  • Dead-lift Video guide

   Components of the DUP Method

Purchasing the DUP method would give you access to the following;

  1. The DUP Method Main Manual: This introduces you to the program proper and what you need to do to succeed.
  2. The Nutrition Guide: This would help you maintain a diet plan that would ensure that you get maximum results in this program.
  • The Optimal DUP workout Log: This is a log for all your work out and exercise routines
  1. A workout schedule for people who have extremely busy days.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The quality of this DUP Method program is boosted by their 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t get the desired result within a 60 day period, you can email the creators of this program and asks for a full refund. I can assure that your request would be given the maximum attention.

The DUP Method by Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell

Click Here to Download The Dup Method eBook Now

Download The Dup Method eBook Now



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