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Transforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb Dessert eBook

Introduction to the Ultra-Low Carb Desserts by Fit Living Foodies

We all know too well that sugar and carbs when taken excessively can lead to medical conditions that could possible lead to death if appropriate caution is not taken at the appropriate time. Although these are caused by excessive intake of sugar and carbs, some of them could be hereditary as well but the root cause is the excessive intake of sugar and other related sweetened foods. Some of these diseases that are sugar related are listed below;

  1. Hyperglycemia: Situation where the blood contains excessive sugar and over burdens the liver with too much glucose conversion activities.
  2. Diabetes: This is chronic form of hyperglycemia, where the liver cannot produces the insulin hormone that helps to convert the excess sugar or glucose in the blood. This disease can somewhat be hereditary.
  3. Obesity: Consumption of carbs and junk food can lead to an excessive accumulation of fat and make you look unusually big

As deadly as these diseases may sound, most people still find themselves trapped in the web of sugar and carb addiction because truthfully, it can be found in almost all of our food and diet especially the dessert which is the favorite part of everyone. So it is almost impossible to avoid sugar and carbs and not lose out on almost all of the food that we enjoy and love especially our dessert. Apart from the above mentioned diseases, sugar and carb also be a contributing factor to the accumulation of Fat in the body.

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Looking at all these sugar and carb related problems, it is sure that everyone needs to watch their sugar intake and control their carb consumption. This action against sugar doesn’t go without making sacrifices and most times these sacrifices could be torturous and annoying because yTransforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb Dessert eBook ou would have to give up most of your loved meals which would include you dessert. This has been the focus of many research projects and of the very few experts that have a made a head way is the “Fit Living Foodies” company. The success and research work has been packaged into a well-organized program called the Ultra-Low Carb Dessert. It is a special technique to help people who are trying to cut down their sugar excesses enjoy delicious desserts after their meals without spiking up their sugar level unknowingly. The Ultra-Low Carb Dessert is program that is composed of over 30 recipes that would teach you how to make homemade desserts that would be delicious and very low in sugar and carb content.

The Ultra-Low Carb Dessert is also a Coconut cream pie based program and this helps people to burn fat and at the same time promote their low sugar and carb diet. The program helps you keep fit because all the dessert recipes are Coconut cream pie based and coconut and its contents have been scientifically proven to be capable of increasing body metabolism and burning excess fat.

Maintaining a low sugar diet does not have to be torturous and boring, with the new Ultra-Low Carb Dessert program you can begin to learn the secrets to making homemade desserts that are not only delicious but very low in sugar, carb and calories. Purchasing the Ultra-Low Carb Dessert would give you access to 30 and more different recipes that are designed intentionally to help you live better and healthier.   

Quick Facts about the Transforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb Dessert

PRODUCT: Transforming Recipes Ultra-low Carb Dessert

AUTHOR: Fit Living Foodies


CATEGORY: Health, Fitness

RATING: 5 star rating

RANKING: No 1 Best Seller

Brief Product Description: The Ultra-low Carb Dessert is a style of making desserts that ensures that you do not torture yourself with crazily bitter food but enjoy fun filled desserts but at the same time maintain your low sugar standard. It contains over 30 recipes of dessert that would help you create desserts that are Coconut cream pie centered. The coconut centered dessert will not only help you maintain your blood sugar level but also help you enhance fat loss and make you look healthy and fit at all times. The Ultra-Low Carb Dessert will help you once again enjoy the fun in eating desserts and also how to combine different ingredients and where you can get them. This program will help revitalize your meal experience every day.

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Overview of the Transforming Recipe’s Ultra-Low Carb Dessert

The Ultra-Low Carb Dessert is a unique opportunity to help people add fun, excitement and variety to their dessert menu and at the time maintaining a low sugar and carb level. The Transforming Recipe’s Ultra-Low Carb Dessert is an initiative of “Fit Living Foodies” company; it is a team of two individuals who are experts in their own fields and out of their expertise, they packaged together the Ultra-Low Carb Dessert program to help people who have problems orgTransforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb Dessert eBook anizing their diet especially the dessert. The “Fit Living Foodies” company consists of two women whose names are well known in the fitness and nutrition world. Their research into how to make dessert more fun and at the same time low in carb content resulted into this program. These two fitness and nutrition giants are; Alex Navarro; she is the former Miss Natural fitness Olympia and has the reputation of being a renowned personal trainer, professional figure competitor and ultra-low carb nutrition programming specialist. She has helped thousands of people to reach their fitness goals through a perfect work out program and nutritional planning. This work wouldn’t have been complete without the contribution of Mary J. Gines who has a BFA in digital media from San Jose State University and a Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of San Francisco. Mary is a former national level NPC bikini competitor and a distinct model. Her expertise and good understanding of living a fit life made her the perfect partner in this project.

With this program, you would learn how to make your own homemade dessert the way you want them and when you want them. You would also learn about secret ingredients that would make your dessert delicious and at the same low in sugar and carb content. A lot of people have been benefitting from amazing recipes enlisted in the Ultra-Low Carb Dessert program; you too can be a part of them today by purchasing the Transforming recipe’s Ultra-Low Carb Dessert program now.

The Transforming Recipe’s Ultra-Low Carb Dessert is packed together in a downloadable PDF that you would get access to immediately after purchasing the program for $14.99. This is a huge discount when compared to the value that the product has.

Bonuses Enlisted in the Ultra-Low Carb Dessert Program

You would get 30 different recipes for dessert that would fit perfectly into your low sugar and carb diet.

The recipes helps you satisfy your taste for sweet food while helping you to remain committed to your low sugar diet

You would also learn about the secret ingredients that contain low sugar and are at the same time very delicious. The programs also shows you how to combine these special ingredients so that you can have the desire dessert in the end

Click Here to Get Transforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb Dessert eBook 

Download Transforming Recipes Ultra-Low Carb Dessert eBook

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